Candle Care

How can I burn my candle in the safest way?

Great question!


These products are for you to enjoy, and you deserve to enjoy them. You probably purchased one of our products because of how obsessed you are with your dog (and who could blame you), so we have a couple of recommendations to make the experience enjoyable for you and your babies (human and animal alike). 


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Allow enough time for the wax to melt completely to the edges of the container to prevent “tunneling". This is especially important on the very first burn!

Trim the wick to 1/4" tall before you relight your candle to keep the wax clean and burning nicely.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects, wagging tails, drafts, and curious noses before lighting.

Avoid burning your candle for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.